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​Hi I'm Catrine and I'm a reflexologist, antenatal hypnobirthing teacher and doula in training based in South East London.

I've been practicing as a reflexologist for the past 15 years and decided to focus my training on pregnancy, birth and postnatal treatments after falling pregnant in 2013.

I have two strong daughters who were both born using hypnobirthing techniques and this has shaped the way I think about birth. I have followed my passion for supporting positive, informed  birth by co-founding the pregnancy and parenting support group PIPS.

Most recently I completed the Side by Side Doula Preparation Course with the wonderful Leila Baker & I hope to start the doula mentor program with Doula UK later in the year. In the meantime I am able to support you through your pregnancy and birth with, antenatal preparation, virtual doula services and relaxation.  


Covid-19 Update

After the Government released their ‘Close Contact Guidance’ report on Tuesday 23rd June, it can be seen that reflexologists in England are not yet able to return to work and start treating their clients again. Doulas are also unable to work in person unless as a sole birth partner.

I am happy to announce that I am continuing to provide antenatal preparation, virtual doula support and pregnancy relaxation throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. I am dedicated to providing you with fully informed, caring, non judgmental birth preparation & support throughout this difficult period. If you would like to find out more about any of the packages I offer, feel free to contact me for a no-strings online chat.

Please be assured that I will only return to reflexology & work in person once the Government has said it is safe to do so. I will announce confirmed Government dates both here on my website and on my social media channels so please check back regularly for further information. When you do return to reflexology, you can be assured that I will be following all the recommended safety measures to protect you at this unusual time.




Reflex Touch is a healing technique based on the principles of traditional Reflexology. Using the gentle touch and uninterrupted flow can help activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.


Doulas are birth partners/supporters, someone who you can have with you during your birth or just after you've had your baby. Having a doula is statistically proven to improve your birth experience & can help you get the most positive experience in birth & during the early days of parenthood.


Prepare for a positive birth experience with quality antenatal preparation. Making sure you are fully informed before you have your baby can drastically improve your birth experience. During the course we discuss all the facets of your care so that you and your partner can look forward to birth.


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