Standard Virtual Package:


  • creating your birth plan 

  • newborn care 

  • supporting breastfeeding  

  • on-call remote support for labour & birth during the day (8am-8pm) from 38 weeks to birth

  • postnatal birth appraisal

  • 6 weeks remote support post-birth


Hypnobirthing & Birth Package


  • standard Virtual Package 

  • four week Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing antenatal preparation course live online 

£500 (save £50)

Hypnobirthing Only

  • Please click here for Hypnobirthing only courses

£250 private online course

£150 group online course

£400 private in person course

Postnatal Support

  • I can provide in person support during the postnatal period (subject to a risk assessment and pandemic permitting) in 2-3 hour chunks to suit your needs. This can include debriefing your birth experience, supporting you with breastfeeding, cooking you a nutritious meal, light domestic help, holding the baby while you sleep, whatever you need so you are able to recover and adjust to life as a new parent.

  • one hour postnatal planning session before your birth (see below)

  • minimum booking 3 hours (not including your postnatal planning session)

£15 per hour.

Postnatal Planning Session

  • 1.5 hour private session to discuss what your postnatal period might be like.

  • we will cover self care and recovery, nutrition and what support you might need to support you while you begin life as a family.

  • we will create your postnatal plan developed by postnatal doula Sarah Tessier

  • included in support materials are recipe suggestions, a postnatal birth plan and a support pack of local parenting supporters.

  • Postnatal planning sessions are currently being held via zoom


Pre/Postnatal Reflex Touch

  • I also offer postnatal reflex touch treatments. Please see HERE for more information.

£50 per hour

If you need additional support I am happy to signpost you to recommended postnatal services such as a lactation consultant, placenta specialist, rewind technique, postnatal massage, homeopathy, baby massage, baby first aid, postnatal yoga & closing the bones treatments through the pregnancy and parenting support group I run called PIPS. Please click HERE for more information.

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