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Hypnobirthing isn’t new, in fact the techniques enable you to tap in to something that is as old as time itself: our natural ability to give birth. Birth is a normal, healthy physiological process that women are built for, how else has human kind survived for millennia? In order for physiological birth to occur an exquisite interplay of hormones, emotions and physiologic changes need to occur. Unfortunately, society has managed to disrupt this by pathologizing birth.

The Way of the Koi Hypnobirthing course gives you the confidence to negotiate confidently with maternity services and work in partnership with your care givers to create the optimal birth environment. It equips you with lots of resources, simple self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques for maintaining your natural birth state-of-mind; it often surprises people just how practical and simple it is! All course materials including MP3 downloads and ongoing support from me are included in the cost.

The courses can be booked as a stand alone preparation course or as a part of one of my virtual doula packages. The course runs for three hours held over two days and can be spaced out at your convenience.

Getting informed and knowing how to navigate your birth journey can drastically improve your experience of having a baby. 


£250 private online course

£150 group online course

£400 private in person course

(subject to Covid-19 risk assessment)


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