Covid-19 update

I am now able to resume in person treatments following goverment guidance.

Many women are now choosing to have reflexology throughout their pregnancy and beyond as it can offer many benefits including relaxation, reducing anxiety, generally de-stressing and improving sleep.  However you view reflexology there is no doubt that it provides a period of time where you have one to one attention, relaxation and supportive touch in an understanding and non-judgemental listening environment which all help build confidence and allows you to gain both mental and physical strength.

Reflex touch can offer support with common conditions that can arise during pregnancy such as constipation, low back pain, heartburn, anxiety, depression or to help prepare your body for birthing.

By choosing Reflex Touch you are choosing a more gentle and refined alternative to traditional reflexology, allowing for greater levels of relaxation which can have huge benefits for you and your baby. This relaxing treatment can offer an alternative to traditional medical stimulation of labour by allowing for space and reassurance which can stimulate Oxytocin, the love hormone. 

What the research says about reflexology in pregnancy and perinatal period:

 – Two studies have shown that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour and reduced the length of the first stage of labour.

 – One study showed improved quality of sleep in post-natal women 

 – One study showed that 6 weekly treatments of reflexology prior to giving birth on for women who experienced low back and/or pelvic girdle pain during their pregnancy significantly reduced the second stage of labour by 44.3 minutes.

 – Reduced pain and stress levels for women with low back pain or pelvic girdle pain.

 – Foot reflexology was found to have a positive effect in lowering the total anxiety scores of women in labour.

There is also plenty of anecdotal evidence of women benefiting from having reflexology during their pregnancy and their post-natal period and is an area for more research.

£50 per hour session

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