Covid-19 update

I am now able to resume in person treatments following government guidance.

Gentle Reflexology Therapy for Relaxation and Well-Being.

Reflexology is a traditional foot massage which works to stimulate your innate healing abilities by massaging reflex points on the feet which correspond with areas of your body. The difference between Reflex Touch and traditional Reflexology is in the pressure of the touch. While Reflex Touch practitioners still use the same principals as reflexology, the massage techniques we use during the treatment are very gentle which helps you to reach deeper levels of relaxation.

Relaxation is essential as only when we are in this specific relaxed state can the body ‘switch on’ many of its re-balancing functions. Our modern fast-paced life creates tension so anything that encourages relaxation is very important to our health.

The soothing non-invasive touch used in reflex touch therapy not only feels good but often leads to a light meditative state or even sleep and can help treat many health concerns. 

Clients report improved energy, better sleep and it can alleviate many symptoms from back ache to ibs, simply through regular treatments. This is partly due to the release of oxytocin, affectionately known as 'the love hormone' which is released with the gentle touch and sweeping massage strokes during your session. 

An ideal treatment to treat multiple health conditions, there are no contraindications and it is suitable for all ages and abilities.

£50 per hour session

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, I will be following the government guidance for close contact service providers including carrying out a risk assessment at booking and wearing appropriate PPE during your treatment while maintaining reasonable social distancing guidelines. 

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